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Toasted Cake 207! In which we don't forget people.

They bonded over zombies, while at a writers' convention.

This story first appeared in Daily SF.

Suvi Tausend lives in dreams and fantasies. When not working as a professional destroyer/creator of worlds and realities, she grows medicinal mushrooms and crafts jewelry. Contact her on Twitter at @SuviTausend

Toasted Cake 182! In which the train steals our covers.

This morning, I woke up next to an Amtrak train.

This story first appeared right here in Fantasy Magazine.

Eden Robins lives in Chicago and will give you a very stern look if you speak disparagingly of the Midwest. Her short fiction has appeared in Shimmer, Apex, Kaleidotrope, and others, her long fiction has appeared on her hard drive, and by day she writes comedy videos for Big Pharma. She co-hosts Tuesday Funk, a monthly live lit show in Chicago, and leaves a trail of dead creative projects in her wake, including the flash fiction magazine Brain Harvest and the weekly podcast Should I Worry About This.