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Word is that Pseudopod is looking for the following narrators:

A female reader who is Russian or can do a Russian accent.

A male reader, preferably middle-ages or older, of Irish extraction or who can do a solid Irish accent.


I have set Toasted Cake up on Feedburner!  It SAID it would propagate to iTunes, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked.  So I am still working to get it on iTunes (hampered here because Apples wants me to download iTunes just to list a podcast, and I run Linux.)  I'll get it up eventually though.  Hang in there.

[ETA 1/29/12: Add it to itunes here on]


I mostly won't post in between episodes, but! (there are no rules) here's to let you know that some of the upcoming authors in the next several weeks include Samantha Henderson, Camille Alexa, David W Goldman, and Cat Rambo.  With plenty more awesomeness scheduled beyond that!