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Toasted Cake 23! In which we tell you three very short stories. 

Alberto Yáñez - Driving for Peanuts
Eli Effinger-Weintraub - Spirit of Leadership
Wendy N. Wagner - Stone Queen, a poem that first ran in Abyss & Apex

Alberto Yáñez is a writer and photographer. A native Californian, he now lives in Portland, OR, and tells himself that he really likes the rain. Among other things, he's a graduate of Clarion West 2011 and Viable Paradise XII. His middle name is Maximiliano, and you can find him on Twitter at @freelance_max. You can send him email at amaxyanez at gmail dot com and visit his website at

Eli Effinger-Weintraub writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and stageplays. Her work has been anthologized in the recent anthology from the Minnesota Spec Fic Writers, Sky-Tinted Waters, as well as We Don't Need Another Wave, and Best Date Ever, published in Steampunk Tales and Witches & Pagans Magazine, and performed at Patrick's Cabaret and the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Her semimonthly column Restorying the Sacred for No Unsacred Place explores the possibilities of science-based myth-making. Eli lives, arts, and cycles in the Twin Cities watershed with her wife, artist Leora Effinger-Weintraub, and two buffalo disguised as cats. Follow her doings at or on Twitter as @AwflyWeeEli

Wendy N. Wagner's short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in over a dozen publications, including Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine and the anthologies The Way of the Wizard and Armored. Her first novel, Dark Depths, is due Summer 2012 from Dagan Press. Ms. Wagner lives in Portland, Oregon, with her very understanding family--and most unfortunately, no dinosaurs. You can keep up with her at

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ZOMG, why is there so much spam in the universe? I want to be open for comments, but all I do is delete 10 comments an hour about shoes and dates and (the weird ones) advice telling me my blog is a good start, but could be better. (Really? Negging much?) So I'm closing comments here, but I just set up a facebook page at ToastedCakePodcast. Feel free to Like it and leave any comments you'd like there. I'd love to see if you have any favorites among the stories I've run so far.

Some exciting folks coming in the next few months: I'm thrilled to be running an excerpt of a Claude Lalumière story, as well as that BRAND NEW piece I promised you from CSE Cooney. Not to mention stories from Liz Argall, Helena Bell, Wendy N Wagner, K Bird Lincoln, and Rachel Swirsky. Stay tuned!