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Toasted Cake 258! In which we arrange our features in a neutral expression.

"I am experiencing an unpleasant digestive reaction to something I ingested this morning and my primary spousal relationship is suffering a breakdown which is causing me emotional distress."

This story first appeared on Darusha's Patreon.

M. Darusha Wehm is the Nebula Award-nominated and Sir Julius Vogel Award winning author of the interactive fiction game The Martian Job, as well as the science fiction novels Beautiful Red, Children of Arkadia, The Voyage of the White Cloud, and the Andersson Dexter cyberpunk detective series. Their mainstream books include the Devi Jones' Locker YA series and the humorous coming-of-age novel The Home for Wayward Parrots. Darusha's short fiction and poetry have appeared in many venues, including Terraform and Nature. Originally from Canada, Darusha lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending several years sailing the Pacific.


Toasted Cake #257! In which we attempt the parallel parking maneuver.

360-degree camera coverage. Radar, inertial compass, GPS. Independent all-wheel drive, nanoceramic brakes. 5G, sat-phone, and UHF communications. Air bags everywhere. And the worst student driver in the history of the automobile.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and a technologist. He has published around 30 short stories in magazines such as Nature, PodCastle, the New Haven Review, and Galaxy's Edge. His WWI-era fantasy novel Twilight Patrol and his romantic noir urban fantasy novella The Demons of Wall Street were both just recently published. Follow him on twitter: @lbrothers or visit for more stories that can be read or listened to online.


Toasted Cake 256! In which we ride.

Araana picked a sticky seedpod off his coat and stepped out of the brambles, onto the surface of the wide and flat road left over by an empire long past.

This story first appeared on Bogi's patreon.

You can find Bogi at Bogi reads the world, dot com! Bogi is also bogiperson on a variety of social media.


Toasted Cake #255! In which we make breathable air.

It wasn't a new idea. But as soon as mother said out loud "we should wrap the Moon"--so close, so dead, but with resources hidden under dust and rock--father and his scientists started figuring out how to do it.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Once a Silicon Valley software engineer, Curtis C. Chen now writes speculative fiction and runs puzzle games near Portland, Oregon. His debut novel Waypoint Kangaroo (a 2017 Locus Awards Finalist) is a science fiction spy thriller about a superpowered secret agent facing his toughest mission yet: vacation. Curtis' short stories have appeared in Playboy Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and Oregon Reads Aloud. He is a graduate of the Clarion West and Viable Paradise writers' workshops. Visit him online at: .


Toasted Cake Podcast #254! In which we hold our breath.

When we rounded everybody up for the register, Maude and Julie were sheepish. They only wanted this one thing, this battered white box of . . . craft parts?

This story first appeared in Sabr Literary.

Christi Nogle's short stories have been produced on podcasts such as PseudoPod, Escape Pod, The Wicked Library, and Tales to Terrify. Christi teaches college composition and lives in Boise, Idaho with her partner Jim and their dogs and cats. Follow her at or on Twitter @christinogle .


Toasted Cake Podcast #253! in which we try to raise fully functioning adults.

Whether you are adopting by chance because you found the smoking crater on your property or whether you volunteered for the Zeptonian Childcare Service, congratulations and thank you!

This story first appeared in Podcastle.

David Steffen is a writer, publisher, editor, and software developer. He is the editor of Diabolical Plots and the Long List Anthology series, and he runs The Submission Grinder, a donation-supported website to help writers find publishers for their work. You can find him on twitter @diabolicalplots.


Toasted Cake #252! In which we connect.

When I got to Mario Reyes's dorm room, I heard him scuffling around, opening and closing drawers as if he had a girl coming over.

This story first appeared in Factor Four Magazine.

Katherine Quevedo was born and raised just outside of Portland, OR, where she works as an analysis manager and lives with her husband and two sons. Her fiction has appeared in Short Édition's Short Circuit, Harbinger Press Flash Fiction Fridays, Thrilling Words, 87 Bedford, and elsewhere. When she isn't writing, she enjoys watching movies, singing, playing old-school video games, belly dancing, and making spreadsheets. Find her at


Toasted Cake #251! In which we get out the hard-boiled egg.

This one November my mom went missing and me and Andy and his other friend Meg tried to fill in for her because my mom is the moon.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Megan Lee Beals is fostering mason bees in her modest city garden, sewing things which attempt to defy physics, and forgetting to pull the bread out of the oven. She lives in Tacoma Washington with her husband and one formerly feral cat. You can read more of her stories at


Toasted Cake #250! In which we celebrate.

Tommy's sixth birthday was ruined due to a mix-up at the bakery.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Liam Hogan is an award winning short story writer, with stories in Best of British Science Fiction 2016, and Best of British Fantasy 2018 (NewCon Press). He's been published by Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and Flametree Press, among others. He helps host Liars' League London, volunteers at the creative writing charity Ministry of Stories, and lives and avoids work in London. More details at

Toasted Cake 249! In which we feed the printer. 

Everyone in the office called the supply room printer a "giant plastic sack of crap that deserved to rot in the underworld for all eternity."

This story is original to Toasted Cake. 

Diane Callahan strives to capture her sliver of the universe through writing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. As a developmental editor and ghostplotter, she spends her days shaping stories. Her YouTube channel, Quotidian Writer, provides practical tips for aspiring authors. You can read her work in Translunar Travelers Lounge, Short Édition, and Riddled with Arrows, among others.


Toasted Cake 248! In which we mend the tear in the fabric.

You pieced it together decades ago; so far back that you don't remember not knowing.

This story first appeared in Daily SF.

José Pablo Iriarte is a Cuban-American writer, high school math teacher, and parent of two. Jose's fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award and long-listed for the James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award, and can be found in magazines such as Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, and Fireside Fiction. Learn more at, or look for José on twitter @labyrinthrat.

Toasted Cake 247! In which we use the unicorn-mane thread.

The day before my wedding, my dress is a pile of birch leaves.

This story first appeared in Daily SF.

Caroline M. Yoachim is a prolific author of short stories, appearing in Asimov's, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Uncanny, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, and Lightspeed, among other places. She has been a finalist for the Hugo, World Fantasy, Locus, and multiple Nebula Awards. Yoachim's debut short story collection, Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World & Other Stories, came out with Fairwood Press in 2016.

Toasted Cake 246! In which we contemplate the ineffable beauty of impermanent things.

If you are consulting this guide, you live alone in the house at the end of the lane, and a sphinx has been haunting your overgrown garden.

This story first appeared right here in Flash Fiction Online.

Alexei Collier was born in sunny Southern California, grew up in a house his family moved into on his very first Halloween, and went to school in a creepy old mansion. Many years later, powerful forces flung him deep into the heart of the Midwest, where he now lives across the street from Chicago with his wife and their cat. His short fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, Cicada, and Ideomancer. You can find out more about Alexei at his oft-neglected website,


Toasted Cake 245! In which we try to fix things.

First Human Trial: August 12th, 2023. Well, today's the day. 

This story first appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

Edward Ashton lives in Rochester, NY with his wife, a variable number of daughters, and an adorably mopey dog named Max. He is the author of the novels Three Days in April and The End of Ordinary, as well as of short stories which have appeared in venues ranging from the newsletter of an Italian sausage company to Escape Pod, Analog, and Fireside Fiction. You can find him on Twitter @edashtonwriting or online at


Toasted Cake 244! In which the story pours out like honey.

For some girls it was lustrous hair, twice as long and twice as thick every time it was cut.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Kristiana Willsey is a writer and an academic living in Los Angeles. She has a PhD in Folklore, teaches at the University of Southern California, and has published research on folk narrative in various academic journals and edited volumes. She is a 2019 graduate of Clarion West.

Toasted Cake #243! In which we clean the nunchucks.

"Saviour Ltd.  How may I help you?"

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Annie Percik lives in London with her husband, Dave, where she writes novels and short stories, whilst working as a University Complaints Officer. She writes a blog about writing and posts short fiction on her website, which is where all her current publications are listed. She also makes a media review podcast with her husband at @loveittomorrow and publishes a photo-story blog, recording the adventures of her teddy bear. He is much more popular online than she is. She likes to run away from zombies in her spare time.


Toasted Cake 241! In which we win the diapers.

It's not the usual thing nowadays, but when I was born my fairy godmother gave me a blessing. 

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Elizabeth Walker lives in sunny Southern California with her family and the neediest housecat on the planet. You can find her online at and on Twitter at @AuthorEDW.

Toasted Cake 240! In which we toss fistfuls of crumpled paper.

What apocalypse am I creating today?

This story first appeared right here in Nature.

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez's fiction has appeared in Nature, Uncanny, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. He hails from the enchanted isle of Puerto Rico but moved to Baltimore some years ago. He lives quite happily with his wife and one very odd dog. Find him at and on Twitter @kjy1066.


Toasted Cake 239! In which we knit the booties.

Jordan recognised the griffin waiting outside the chicken cage as she stepped out, holding three dead hens by the neck; his chest had that unmistakeable stripe of velvet-black feathers among the russet.

This story is original to Toasted Cake. You can also read it right here on Matt Dovey's website!

Matt Dovey is very tall, very British, and most likely drinking a cup of tea right now. He has a scar on his arm from a gap year working a Megafauna Sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest; he'd like to pretend it was from calming a raging beast and saving the day, but really it was an infected scratch from rusted chickenwire. He now lives in a quiet market town in rural England with his wife and three children, and still struggles to express his delight in this wonderful arrangement. Although his surname rhymes with "Dopey", any other similarities to the dwarf are purely coincidental. He has fiction out and forthcoming all over the place: you can keep up with it at, or find him timewasting on Twitter as @mattdoveywriter.

Toasted Cake 238! In which we are not in sight.

The giant spruce trees behind Grandma's house had the best climbing branches, despite the pine needles.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Lyndsie Manusos's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Apex Magazine, Apparition Lit, F&SF, Okay Donkey, and other publications. She lives in Indianapolis with her family and writes for Book Riot and Publishers Weekly.