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Toasted Cake 256! In which we ride.

Araana picked a sticky seedpod off his coat and stepped out of the brambles, onto the surface of the wide and flat road left over by an empire long past.

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Toasted Cake 172! In which we still pass on the word from generation to generation.

Ten things were created on the eve of Shabbat, between the lights of night and day, and they are: the mouth of the earth, the mouth of the well, the mouth of the donkey, the rainbow and the manna, and the staff, and the shamir, the writing, the missive and the tablets.

This story first appeared in Uncanny.

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender person and a resident alien in the US. You can find Bogi as @bogiperson on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon.


Toasted Cake 81! In which we are you.

Are they weapons?

First appeared right here in Jabberwocky.

Bogi Takács is a psycholinguist, a popular-science journalist, a religious fundamentalist and a fan of Spivak pronouns. Eir speculative work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Stone Telling, Innsmouth free Press and Astropoetica, among others.