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Toasted Cake 140! In which we parasite. 

Like most young and ambitious cities, Ckotkehl flourished for centuries without much heed to the outside world. 

Brink City by Andrew S. Fuller. 

Gods save the Queens. 

Stutter, by Deborah Walker. First appeared in Eschatology. 

Andrew S. Fuller is a writer whose fiction appears in On Spec, Daily SF, Crossed Genres, The Pedestal, Abyss & Apex, Fantastic Metropolis, the anthologies FISH, Bibliotheca Fantastica, and forthcoming in A Darke Phantastique. His novelette The Circus Wagon received a Best Horror of the Year Honorable Mention, and screenplay Effulgence won the Deep One Best Screenwriter Award at the 2009 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Since 1999, he has edited Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine. He lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Find him online at and Twitter at @andrewsfuller

Deborah Walker grew up in the most English town in the country, but she soon high-tailed it down to London, where she now lives with her partner, Chris, and her two young children. Find Deborah in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration