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Toasted Cake 19! In which we follow Grandmere's recipe. 

Her knives, usually set aside on baking day, are positioned prominently just outside the flour-strewn area where she will knead. 

First published in Abyss & Apex.

K Bird Lincoln spent 4 years in Japan precariously perched on a bicycle with her 2 daughters. Now she lives in the shadow of Laura Ingalls Wilder out on the Minnesotan Prairie and drives them around in a mini van. Other short stories have been published hither and thither in places such as Strange Horizons, Abyss and Apex, and the Lethe Press anthology, Japanese Dreams. Her YA historical fantasy Tiger Lily is now available on Amazon. 

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Some exciting folks coming in the next few months: I'm thrilled to be running an excerpt of a Claude Lalumière story, as well as that BRAND NEW piece I promised you from CSE Cooney. Not to mention stories from Liz Argall, Helena Bell, Wendy N Wagner, K Bird Lincoln, and Rachel Swirsky. Stay tuned!