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Toasted Cake 163! In which we wear the festive red velvet.

The magic was all in the hat, of course.

This story first appeared in 10Flash Quarterly.

C.L. Holland is a British writer of speculative fiction, and past winner of Writers of the Future. She has a Bachelors Degree in English with Creative Writing and a Masters degree in English. She is taking steps to avoid collapsing the floor of her house by replacing her books with Kindle editions, but it's just not the same. Find her at

Toasted Cake 147! In which we go to the mall.

Annabel's dad had told her that old Earth buildings were full of ghosts.

First appeared in 10Flash Quarterly.

Evan Dicken's work has appeared or is forthcoming at Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, The Lovecraft eZine, Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine, and Toasted Cake. 

Alex C. Renwick has written dozens of short stories as Camille Alexa, including her award-nominated collection Push of the Sky. She currently splits her time between Portland, Austin, Vancouver, and Montreal. Her website is